Supercharging Your Campaign Marketing

In 2015, the CU Collegiate Recovery Center (CU-CRC) Campaign launched with the goal of raising $4,000. By the end of the campaign, almost $25,000 had been contributed from 222 unique donors, nearly 6x its initial goal.

Join Mia Fill, Crowdfunding Platform Coordinator at CU Boulder, and Samantha Randall, Associate Director of the CU Collegiate Recovery Center, as they talk about the marketing plan and tactics used on both a university-wide and department-specific level to shatter the campaign goal.

You’ll leave not only understanding how to drive donor engagement across diverse populations, but how to encourage a culture of engaged philanthropy surrounding your fundraising efforts.

About Our Guests

Mia Fill is the Crowdfunding Platform Coordinator at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Her hands-on approach to facilitating campaign creator success and donor engagement has helped her shape Boulder’s crowdfunding platform into an impactful addition to the University’s overall fundraising program.

Samantha Randall is the Associate Director of the Collegiate Recovery Center at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Her work facilitating and marketing the CU-CRC campaign helped it shatter it’s goal of $4K to raise nearly $25,000.


Recording: Supercharging Your Campaign Marketing

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