Managing a Crowdfunding Platform: Lessons Learned

Managing a Platform

Wednesday, November 11 at 12pm PT / 1pm MST / 3pm ET

Join Community Funded and special guest Mia Fill, Crowdfunding Platform Coordinator of the University of Colorado at Boulder, as she shares her experiences integrating crowdfunding into CU-Boulder’s fundraising pipeline and campus content strategy.

Learn insider information from an established university crowdfunding platform with valuable insights into the process of curating, training, and managing campaigns and leveraging the results for impactful donor stewardship.

About the Host

Mia Fill is the Crowdfunding Platform Coordinator at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Her hands-on approach to facilitating campaign creator success and donor engagement has helped her shape Boulder’s crowdfunding platform into an impactful addition to the University’s overall fundraising program.


Managing a Crowdfunding Platform: Lessons Learned

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