Integrating Crowdfunding into Your Fundraising Strategy

integrating crowdfunding

Whether you’re a small college or a multi-campus institution, you already have existing fundraising efforts waiting to leverage the networks of your donors.

Join McCabe Callahan, CEO of Community Funded, to find out how your organization can use crowdfunding to build and segment your fundraising pipeline for annual giving success. You’ll learn how to:

  • Build an integrated fundraising brand
  • Create a multi-channel marketing plan
  • Curate engaging fundraising initiatives
  • Identify donor segments
  • Leverage targeted stewardship efforts

From giving days to general funds to research projects, you can easily supplement your fundraising initiatives and develop an integrated marketing strategy to drive donor engagement across all of your channels.

About the Host

McCabe Callahan began Community Funded in 2011 out of his passion to provide a platform for communities to support the things they care  about. In addition to running his own crowdfunding platform, he has helped organizations across diverse disciplines implement and find success with their own custom platform solutions.