Start your Matched Funding Campaign

With Community Funded, your organization can make a big impact and be recognized for doing so. Matched Funding allows your organization to offer a pre-determined amount to a project that is held in reserve until other community members make pledges. As each pledge is made, an equal amount from your organization’s matched offering is pledged in turn, effectively doubling the value of a pledger’s contribution.

While your organization is matching funds, your logo and amount matching are front and center above the funding stats of that project’s page, so the whole community can see the great projects your organization is supporting and the impact being made. This is one aspect of Mega Community Collaboration: using resources to support great community projects while gaining targeted exposure of your brand and values to an engaged audience. Contact us to begin your Matched Funding campaign.

  • Help us know a little bit more about who you are and what you do.
  • We will contact you personally to discuss details, but for now, let us know your general ideas so we can assist in developing your Matched Funding Campaign.