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September 1, 2013
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From Team Fort Collins Community leader George Thornton and Team Fort Collins are working together to benefit youth through health education.

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Who We Are: 

Team Fort Collins is a nonprofit organization that promotes healthy lifestyles through substance abuse prevention. Programs are focused on youth and young adults because they are developing attitudes and behaviors that determine future lifestyle decisions. We envision northern Colorado as a region where health is celebrated, substances are not abused and we all live our lives to the fullest.

What We Believe: 

We know that youth have tremendous potential for inventing new things, creating joy in the world, and adding to our community in positive ways. We believe that potential is an aspect of their "trajectory of awesomeness". Unfortunately, a person's trajectory of awesomeness can be drastically changed by early substance use and abuse. If you know a young person whose future possibilities are endless, then you know the value of prevention.

What We Are Doing: 

21 for 21 is a one-of-a-kind campaign to raise money for youth health education.  George Thornton strives to swim 21 miles in the English Channel to raise $21,000 for Team Fort Collins, hence the name "21 for 21." George is paying all of his expenses so that funds raised benefit youth.

Team Fort Collins educates youth and parents about healthy life choices and substance abuse prevention. Our staff and volunteers deliver educational presentations to over 1,500 youth every year in schools and community. Parents are our other primary audience for educational presentations and we reach over 1,200 annually.  To build upon the work of our community leaders who started Team Fort Collins as a coalition 24 years ago, we mobilize community members through:

  • Campus Community Coalition
  • Fort Collins Safe Community Coalition: A Substance Abuse Project
  • Partnership for Healthy Youth
  • Responsible Alcohol Retailers

Team Fort Collins partners with over 95 local businesses and community-based organizations to work on common goals. A commonality that runs through all of the groups is the desire to maintain Fort Collins as the Choice City where primary employers want to be based and families are happy to live. A healthy community benefits all of us.

Prevention education is increasingly important in Fort Collins since it is the largest producer of beer in Colorado and is becoming known as a place to easily access marijuana. When youth engage in alcohol and marijuana use early in life, they have a higher likelihood of developing a dependence or addiction. Team Fort Collins educates youth about how these substances (along with tobacco, prescription and illicit drugs) affect the developing brain and body. 

What We Need: 

Team Fort Collins needs funding to increase its youth education efforts in schools and community-based organizations.  $21,000 will make it possible for staff to connect with all high schools in Poudre School District and reach more students. Currently, Team Fort Collins works with Fort Collins High School, Rocky Mountain High School and Liberty Common. 

How You Can Support Us: 

By supporting Team Fort Collins’ 21 for 21 campaign, you are contributing to youth health education and ensuring that they learn about substance use and abuse. In addition, you are encouraging healthy life choices like swimming as a lifelong activity. It is George Thornton’s spark and he believes that it has helped him successfully battle health challenges. Sports have been a part of George’s entire life; particularly, it is swimming that has kept him in good shape. By being healthy, he was able to get through prostate cancer in 2013.

We ask you to:

1. Donate to 21 for 21 (21 miles for $21,000)

2. Donate an in-kind reward to encourage other donors to contribute

3. Promote 21 for 21 to your networks

Thank you and feel free to contact us. We have free educational resources and love to spread the message of health.

Ashley Kasprzak, Team Fort Collins

Executive Director


George Thornton, Team Fort Collins 

Champion Volunteer and Swimmer

Campaign Owner

Team Fort Collins
Fort Collins, CO

Team Fort Collins promotes healthy lifestyles through substance abuse prevention. Team Fort Collins envisions Northern Colorado as a region where health is celebrated, substances are not abused and we all live our lives to the fullest. Team Fort Collins focuses on youth as they are developing attitudes and behaviors that determine future decisions. Five core values: 1.Youth and young adults are the inspiration behind everything that Team Fort Collins does. 2.Effective programming. Evidence-informed practices are at the heart of Team Fort Collins' programming. 3.Community partnerships are of prime importance because they support Team Fort Collins' mission with consistent messaging and increased capacity. 4.Integrity. Internal and external operations are grounded in integrity. 5.Holistic community health can only be achieved by recognizing the power and effectiveness of prevention as a proactive strategy to avoid intervention. view profile

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