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SpokesBUZZ Fort Collins in Fort Collins, Colorado
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August 5, 2012
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From SpokesBUZZ Fort Collins BandSwap is an event that will highlight and promote Fort Collins through collaborative efforts with venues and bands in six host cities.

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The Idea

During the last weekend of September, six Fort Collins bands will travel to different host cities. The bands will play with already known bands from those cities, playing full opening sets for the host cities bands. The following weekend, the SpokesBUZZ bands will return to Fort Collins, accompanied by the partnering bands from the host cities, for a full weekend extravaganza of music.The shows will be scheduled at different nights throughout the weekend so fans can enjoy all the music. Tickets will be sold independently for each show, but an event-wide pass will also be available at a discounted price.

BandSwap's Objectives

  1. Reach out to established music cities which we would like to emulate and cross pollination and create radical collaboration with these cities.
  2. Create a national PR and marketing campaign for the City of Fort Collins, our partnering cities and our sponsors.
  3. Establish partnerships and ongoing reciprocal relationships with venues, media, bands and fans in like-minded cities across the nation.
  4. Develop credibility for SpokesBUZZ and the City of Fort Collins as a go-to source for up-and-coming music and as a fast growing arts and culture scene.
In the spirit of Radical Collaboration, please pledge now to help make sure this program happens and make the fairy tale come true!
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SpokesBUZZ Fort Collins
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SpokesBUZZ Fort Collins is a grassroots nonprofit making an international impression by bringing worldwide attention to the city's sound and culture. The organization works in collaboration with other like-minded people to develop our local artists to their greatest professional potential. view profile

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