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September 30, 2012 @ 5:01 PM
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From Scott and Becky Dawson Help fund needed biomedical treatment for 10 year old Andrew who suffers from 100's of seizures per day, severe sensory issues, and apraxia.

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facebook What is Andrew’s Project About? Thanks for taking time to explore our project. We have decided to do a fundraiser with the help of Community Funded in order to provide biomedical treatments including diet, supplementation, Integrated Manual Therapy, and hyperbaric oxygen for Andrew who suffers from a Myclonic seizure disorder and is somewhere on that crazy Autism spectrum. Andrew’s Story Andrew has struggled with health issues since he was eighteen months old. High sensory environments, white lights, and fluorescent lights trigger his seizures. He also suffers from speech and fine motor apraxia, sensory integration disorder, auditory processing disorder, and astigmatism. Five years ago Andrew was in a horrible cycle of falling and hitting his head (due to seizures and instability), which led to more falling and hitting his head, which led to digression. He was rapidly losing the ability to function. Even though we did treatments to help stabilize him in between the injuries, it was never enough hours (we just could not afford it) to move out of the head-hitting cycle. So finally we decided, no matter the cost, we had to stop the chaos. We traveled to Connecticut to the main Center of IMT, where we stayed for a month ($20,000). Andrew received hours of Integrated Manual Therapy, hyperbaric oxygen among other biomedical treatments, and it worked.  The falls stopped, and he made major developmental gains. For four and a half years he did pretty well, then about a year ago he took a nasty fall off some stairs. He then ended up in an ER last summer from choking and was greatly affected by the meds. Since, especially over the last three to four months he has taken four head hits, and has started having migraines that make him pretty sick. Why Does Andrew Need Funding Now? We always have a level of funding that goes to monthly medical treatment (maintenance) for Drew which has never allowed us to get rid of the medical debt incurred five years ago. So we both picked up additional part-time jobs to finally kill that beast. Yet Andrew is currently in need of quite a lot of treatment at the moment and in the immediate future, however financially we are at an impasse. So with a deep breath . . . we are putting the call out!   How Does Andrew’s Project Work? All donations will be used to pay for Andrew’s immediate and future medical treatments. If you would like to support his project, there are many wonderful Givebacks to choose from. This project is truly a community effort as friends, family, and businesses have donated every Giveback. A sincere thanks to all of you who have donated items! Items and services will be added for the next couple weeks.   *If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at

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Scott and Becky Dawson
Fort Collins, Colorado

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