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From Wyoming Pathways from Prison Support UW Students and Faculty so that They Can Help Wyoming's Women and Men in Prison

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Wyoming Pathways from Prison is a nationally recognized and award-winning trans-disciplinary and trans-professional statewide collaborative that provides high quality college courses to incarcerated women and men through generous volunteer support from University of Wyoming faculty, staff, and students. In 2017 the Correctional Education Association— the chief professional organization for educators working in jails and prisons— recognized our program as a leader in developing best practices that can be implemented nationwide, and UW recently honored the program with the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Award for community collaboration.

Incarceration impacts all members of our community, as the vast majority of people who go to prison will eventually be released back into society. During this time, people can make significant changes for the better through education.

Providing education to incarcerated people also results a significant savings to the state. Wyoming spends $41,537 annually per inmate, in contrast to the average $15,186 an in-state undergraduate pays for UW tuition. A recent study by the Rand Corporation indicated that participating in academic or vocational programming while incarcerated resulted in a 40% reduction in recidivism, resulting in a savings of $4 to $5 for each dollar spent.

The Wyoming Pathways from Prison program believes strongly in the power of education to transform lives, inside and outside prison, by creating opportunities for skill-building, personal growth, and self-reflection. Our program does this work as part of its mission to provide no-cost community college credit to incarcerated people, to engage in service to the state of Wyoming, and to mentor UW students through real-world teaching and leadership experience.

In just two years since its founding, Wyoming Pathways from Prison has provided direct benefits to UW, the state of Wyoming, and incarcerated people through numerous professional development and community engagement opportunities:

  • dozens of UW students have completed a supervised teaching practicum in Wyoming prisons, and many get internship or independent study credit prior and then go on to successful careers in teaching, law, social work, and related fields;
  • nearly 200 inmates have completed hundreds of college credits through an agreement with community colleges through both in-person and distance-learning courses; and
  • UW has earned international recognition through Telling My Story: Voices from the Wyoming Women’s Prison, a collection of incarcerated women’s memoirs co-edited by UW faculty and students and available online at http://webhost1.cortland.edu/wagadu .

The Wyoming Pathways from Prison program needs your help to continue its excellent work:

  • 2018 educational programming, including material and travel costs for courses in financial literacy, stoicism and philosophy in prison, and mindful meditation;
  • classroom technology upgrades to replace decades-old prison equipment and to facilitate remote instruction; and
  • the costs of printing and online open access publication of a book that will be produced from a memoir class to be taught at a men’s prison by UW students, faculty, and staff.

We thank you in advance from the bottom of our hearts for your investment in the success of this vital program.

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