Tap Room Expansion and Awesomeification

Pateros Creek Brewing Company in Fort Collins, Colorado
Community Funded
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August 24, 2012
Goal $22,000
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From Pateros Creek Brewing Company Help create more space for drinking more beer! Pateros Creek Brewing Company is having a growth spurt and we need to expand our tap room.

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VIDEO UPDATE!  : To all our amazing supporters... http://youtu.be/z6-i_5LWDHQ Have you ever stopped by your favorite watering hole on a Friday night only to discover there are no seats available for you and your friends? Pateros Creek Brewing Company is hoping to alleviate this tragic occurrence by expanding our tap room into the space next door. By helping us do this, you will be creating a space dedicated to the appreciation of craft beer, a space that can be used to showcase local musicians, host special events, and just generally increase the capacity for fun. In the current market, small businesses are finding it nearly impossible to get bank loans and lines of credit. And with growth required to stay successful and relevant, what is a business owner to do? That’s where you, the amazing Community Funded donor, come in. By supporting Pateros Creek Brewing Company with your time, talent, and dollars, you help one more small business thrive in a challenging market. This Community Funded project will help us do things like build walls, repair the ceiling, replace the flooring, and get furniture in the vacant space next door to the existing tap room. When Pateros Creek Brewing Company prepared to open almost a year ago, we enlisted the manpower of friends to paint, build, design and repurpose. Those same friends are on board for Round Two, ensuring that we will be as efficient as humanly possible in using our funds. Re-use is important to us as well, and we are committed to being resourceful in our use of materials. This additional space is not just important to Pateros Creek Brewing Company; our customers and vendors will also benefit. By increasing our capacity, we will increase our customer base, be able to provide indoor entertainment in cases of inclement weather (or winter), have a space to rent out for special events, and so much more. And increased business opportunity means the increased ability to pay our vendors, thus creating a trickle down impact on the economy. Your support will do so much more than just give more beer drinkers a place to sit!

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Pateros Creek Brewing Company
Fort Collins, Colorado

Pateros Creek Brewing Company is dedicated to brewing delicious session ales and exciting underappreciated styles, all while reflecting the vibe and energy of Northern Colorado. view profile

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