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September 14, 2012 @ 11:49 PM
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From Jacob Castillo Our goal is to expand our product line and help spread the awesome story of Panda Bicycles so that more people get out there and ride!

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website facebook Who We Are: Panda Bicycles is a boutique bike building company located right in the heart of downtown Fort Collins. We specialize in artfully hand-crafting beautiful and functional bamboo bikes for bike enthusiasts, everyday cyclists, fitness riders, and urban commuters.  Our unique bikes provide a locally made, competitive, and natural alternative to modern performance bicycles. The use of bamboo as the primary building material results in a ultra-durable frame that provides unrivaled comfort and style, making it more fun and inspiring to get out and ride. We are looking to take our bike design ethos and translate that into bicycling apparel that speaks to our values and promotes bicycle-centric sustainable living. We want to give people products that reflect our motto: Go Far. Do Good. The Project: Panda Bicycles has created two new sport sock designs that we want to get on people’s feet. We are working with a Denver based company to have them manufactured right down the road for riders and runners all over the US. This move into bicycle apparel gives Panda the opportunity to share its passion and story with a wider audience and provide a high-quality product that promotes getting out and enjoying life. The launch of these new products will help Panda Bicycles achieve its goal of having locally made, quality products soft goods that support and reflect  our bicycle line and the Panda brand. Why This Is Important: This project is important to Panda because we want to give people all the tools to go out and experience a fulfilling two-wheeled existence. We love what we do here and we want to share that with others. Because not everyone can have a bike built by us, we want to offer other smartly designed functional products that reflect the lifestyle that we enjoy here in Northern Colorado. After all, we choose to do business in Fort Collins because this community really reflects our values around bicycling, sustainability, innovation, and entrepreneurship. We want this move into the apparel side of the bike industry to grow our brand and promote the healthy, fun, exciting lifestyle that we enjoy in Northern Colorado. Help us tell this story, grow our company, and get a sweet new pair of socks! The Panda Promise: Since our inception in early 2009, Panda has tried to give back to the Northern Colorado community, and we know this launch of our new sock designs will allow us to do more of that. With successful completion of the Community Funded Project, Panda will be able to grow our product offering, expand our brand, and become more competitive in the bike industry. With that, Panda will fulfill all giftbacks for pledges to this project. Moreover, Panda will give 1% of the profit earned on this product line to support local non-profits dedicated to bike advocacy and safety in Fort Collins. Our awesome team can make this an ongoing success. We have come a long way in a few short years and have made quite a splash in the bike industry with limited resources. Panda wants to continue to innovate in bicycle and bike-apparel design and function. This will get us one step closer to having a full product suite that meets the needs of bicyclists all over the world, and helps us give more back to the community that we love. Feel free to ask questions or post comments on our Facebook page (and feel free to “like” us while you’re there). Thanks for choosing to support local innovation, design and manufacturing. Together we can indeed Go Far and Do Good. Onward and upward, The Panda Bicycles team  

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Jacob Castillo
Fort Collins, Colorado

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