LoCo Food Distribution

LoCoFoods in Fort Collins, Colorado
Community Funded
This project ended on
June 21, 2012
Goal $25,000
Donation: Campaign receives all funds.
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From Elizabeth LoCo Food Distribution, Colorado's first all local food distributor, making it easier for you to buy the products we make in our backyards.

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LoCo Food Distribution - We're Growing! We are Colorado's first food distribution company that focuses solely on regionally grown and processed food.  We began distributing these products in May 2011 and are developing fast!  We have discovered that there is a huge demand for the service we provide and we need your help to expand our business.  Our goal is to service wholesale buyers such as restaurants, grocery stores and institutions (like schools and hospitals) with an online catalog of regionally grown and processed food. We are developing a food economy that is local and sustainable to make it easier for everyone to buy the great products we make in our own backyard. THE PLAN Local food is all about connections. In order to make it convenient to buy local food, someone has to make the connections. Not only between farmers and consumers, but also between growers and restaurants, growers and processors, processors and schools. It takes a web of connections to make the system work, and by consolidating these connections to one catalog, one source, LoCo Food Distribution helps growers, processors, restaurants, grocers and institutions tie all these ends together in a functional, convenient, and friendly way. OUR STORY Our family has always made it a priority to live in an environmentally conscious and community oriented way. A big part of that for us is eating locally. But piecing together local meals is not an easy task. Our milk is delivered here, veggies there, meat over in the next place. It's enough to drive one mad. And this doesn't count eating out, what our kids are served at school (on the rare occasion that we don't pack them a lunch) and trips to the grocery store to pick up what we can't get from local producers. Similarly, we are also local business owners, having started the Lyric Cinema Cafe in 2007, we wanted to buy as much of our concessions locally as well. The story was much the same. Nothing was centralized and we ended up ordering from 10 different places and even traveling to Greeley just to get local products. Finally, after years of running around to buy our favorite local products and talking to other like minded people about how to make all of this easier, we have decided to bite the bullet and give this business the old college try. THE VALUE WE CREATE
  • Local Living Economy. By purchasing local products, each dollar is circulated an average of seven more times within our local economy. This strengthens not only the farmers and producers who make these products possible, but the entire community as well.
  • Consumer Confidence and Grower/Producer Identity. Transparent labeling makes it easy for our customers to know what they're buying and pass that information on to end-consumers.
  • Long-Term Relationships. We develop relationships  of trust and integrity with our vendors and customers.  We intend to stick around and that can only happen if they're successful, too.
OUR FUNDING PRIORITY  Right now LoCo Food Distribution is ramping up deliveries to hit the magical Break-Even point (when the business is successful and covering all costs associated with its operations).  To do this, we need a online e-commerce catalog/software system, which costs $35,000. We are asking you, our community members, to help us raise $25,000 of this sum through Community Funded.  We believe that what we are doing has great value to our community and that it is possible to raise this amount of funding with the support of that very same community.  All amounts are welcomed and appreciated.  Thank you for your generosity!