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From DU Food Pantry Keep the food pantry shelves full! Hunger and food insecurity are a growing problem on college campuses. The DU food pantry is a direct response to the need among the student population for more resources to fight food insecurity.

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DU Food Pantry
Center for Sustainability

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Food Insecurity should be the last concern for DU students as they work hard toward achieving their educational goals. Provide basic needs to our community members with limited resources.

Hunger and food insecurity are a growing problem on college campuses, effecting an average of 20% of students nation-wide, including our own DU community. Students who struggle to find nourishing food also struggle to focus, compete academically, and struggle to graduate.

About three years ago, a grassroots emergency food closet began in the Center for Multicultural Excellence, because of this student need. This year, the official DU Food Pantry launched from the Center for Sustainability, in the Centennial Tower residence hall.

Help expand food options to include fresh produce, eggs, cheese, and other nutrition-dense items. Our goal is to consistently stock the pantry with foods that will not only alleviate hunger, but also keep students healthy.

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Essential equipment

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