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High Wire Walker in Fort Collins, CO
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October 16, 2012
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From High Wire Walker We are hitting the studio again on October 13th to record a few new tracks. We want to provide a higher quality than ever before!

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We would like to raise some money to record some high-quality songs for the community to enjoy! Our total cost for recording two new songs at professional quality will be $900. We will be doing these recordings at Haus of Kraus recording studio in Fort Collins, a well known professional music studio. We have some money saved up as a band from past performances, but we need some help to make up the remaining cost. $900 for two songs may seem like a lot, but anybody familiar with the recording process knows that it is very time-intensive and requires the talents of a good audio engineer. Haus of Kraus will provide us that. We have gifts for those who donate. $5 - Emailed digital versions of the 2 new high-quality tracks we record (Temple, Can I) $10 - Burned CD with the 2 new high-quality tracks we record (Temple, Can I) and this CD will also include our 6 previously recorded demo songs (We Were Civil Once, Naked Dreams, Criminal, Card Carry Rift, Price of Love, Breaking Back to Me). PLUS 2 bonus garage recordings (Not So Simple, Caffeine and Nicotine). 10 songs total on this CD! CD will be signed by the whole band. $50 - We will play a free show for you, 1 hour set time, at any venue, house, or party that you want. We will play anywhere you want, as long as it is legal to play there and you give us adequate time to prepare and schedule for it (2 weeks please). You also get a CD, the same as the $10 prize.   Please donate if you can afford it. Anything helps! We are all Fort Collins locals, long live local music!!

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