Spring Farm Tour 2012

Grant Family Farms in Wellington, Co
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June 8, 2012
Goal $3,000
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From Grant Family Farms Spring Farm Tour is no small event on our Farm. It is a Fabulous Farm Festival and we need your support to make it happen.

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Spring Farm Tour is not just another day at the Farm. We invite all our CSA members and our community members to come out and join us at the farm to celebrate the growing season.  It is a free event to all members of ANY CSA and their guests, as well as children under 12. Here at Grant Family Farms, we like to focus on the 'Community' in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).   Events like this allow us to share our passion for local food with you.... and what could be more important than that? Put your feet on the gound, check out the chickens, see where your veggies are grown, educate yourself and your children, check out the local vendors, dance around to local music, and have a fabulous day.  This will be the 5th annual Spring Farm Tour and it has become an event that is near and dear to our hearts and we hope to have it around well into the future. As with any event, this one comes with costs.  We are asking you, our supporters, to help us raise part of the funds needed to put on this event for our community.  We aren't asking for a lot from a few of you, just a little from a lot of you.  You will also get great giftbacks in return. In case you haven't been up to Spring Farm Tour yet, here is a little bit about it to paint you a picture. Saturday, June 2nd – The day begins with some great music from the Lovetet followed by an interactive performace by Bohemian Caravan (belly dancers).  Around noon you find yourself in our Vendor Village checking out the local goods, definitely grab some lunch too.  Then head back up to the main stage to watch Harley and the V-Twins for a bit.  Once you finish up your lunch, your friend decides to take their kids over to the art barn where there are loads of arts and crafts activites to engage them. Jazzed, inspired, and refueled, check. You choose to venture over to the workshop tents for a presentation on food preservation and canning.  Perhpas you even stop off at the beer garden to grab a tasty brew from Fort Collins Brewery.  Orphan Circus is up at the main stage now showing off thier amazing acrobatics and it makes for great entertainment while you wait for your perfect pour. With beer in hand, you head over to the workshop tent. You may also want to wander over to the vermicomposting workshop and the backyard chicken presentation.  These are important to you because you are really trying to add things into your life that make your footprint a little smaller and help you complete your circle.  Plus, there are loads of other people from the community here that you can chat with after the workshop and learn about their personal experiences.  Really connecting is part of why you are here. Educated and connected, check. Heading back up to the main stage, you swing through vendor village again where you find some great soap from Willow Springs Soap Co and try a sample of MouCo Cheese, yum!  You get up to the main stage feeling great and get to hear some great tunes from Futaba, a local favorite. Loving your community, check.

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