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Georgia Boys BBQ in Frederick, CO
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August 15, 2014
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From Georgia Boys BBQ Chasing southern soul and a Colorado sunset.

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One town, 10,000 residents, 300 days of sunshine, and a classic barbecue joint that ties it all together. Ever since Georgia Boys BBQ opened the doors to the Smokehouse in Frederick this past February, the restaurant and bar have been bustling with local regulars who welcome their authentic Southern food, good people and fair prices – but founders Matt Alexander and Nickolas Reckinger quickly saw a bigger need.   Frederick needs a downtown gathering place.   What We're Doing: Georgia Boys BBQ is expanding the Smokehouse with an outdoor patio that will allow families to enjoy their made-from-scratch, Southern style comfort food and hospitality in a casual open-air setting. The patio will cut wait time, allow growth and hiring opportunities for new employees, and most importantly – contribute to the revitalization of downtown Frederick with a family-friendly restaurant and hangout.   For Our Community: It’s a routine we can all relate to: You’re rushing out of the office at 5:05 on a Wednesday evening so you’re not late to pick up the kids. You get home, realize you’re low on groceries, and start raiding the refrigerator for something to whip up for dinner.   Now picture yourself in Downtown Frederick, enjoying a crisp draft from Echo Brewery paired with mouthwatering Georgia Boys brisket, catching up with your neighbors while you watch the sun set over the Rockies and the kids making memories together in the park out back.   For Frederick residents and commuters, our family wants to create a homey haven packed with good service and great food where you can catch a few moments of slow, Southern satisfaction – and of course, a Colorado sunset.   For Local Business: A rising tide floats all boats. For businesses located in Downtown Frederick, our community is creating a regional destination that will drive new traffic to the area. This project in itself creates an opportunity for businesses to contribute rewards, gain increased visibility and ultimately acquire new customers and business.   As one of the premier stops for authentic barbecue in Northern Colorado, adding a unique and desirable ambiance to the mix is all the Smokehouse needs to make the restaurant a true destination for the region’s BBQ lovers (and a quick read through the Georgia Boys Yelp and Facebook reviews will attest to just how many there are).  

Most of all, we love this community, and want to build something that we can all be proud of together.

What We Need:

We need to raise $25,000 to fund the expansion of the Smokehouse. Features include:
  • Concrete patio (valued at $3,570)
  • Cedar partition screening on the east side, and custom open railing along the park (valued at $2,430)
  • There will be new patio tables and chairs, creating an estimated 40 additional seats (valued at $4,000)
  • Features 12×4 ft garage doors and a standard entry/exit door connecting the inside and outside of the patio (valued at $12,000)
  • Demo and labor for the project valued at $3,000.
How you can help:
  • Fund: Help us build by making a monetary contribution to our campaign. We’re even offering great rewards for your donation, like gift cards, T-shirts, Beer Club memberships and catered events.
  • Offer: Our neighboring businesses can help by offering rewards to our campaign. Visit for details.
  • Share: Give us some Facebook love to share our story and mission with your friends, families and coworkers.
  • Give feedback: Have an idea for how we can make the new patio, and the Smokehouse, a thriving patch in the fabric of downtown Frederick? Let us know!

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