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From Friends of Happy Heart Farm Provides fresh, locally grown vegetables and education on wellness, farming and food to low-income families in Fort Collins area.

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website facebook googleplus Why Feeding the Families; because no family should go without access to healthy, fresh, nutritious vegetables. Here in Larimer County, a growing number of children, the working poor and senior citizens face the real threat of food insecurity limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate and safe food. Feeding the Families seeks to create food security and connect families in need to abundance, community and health. Each family receives a full growing season of fresh, nutritious chemical free vegetables and experiences where and how their food is grown and how to prepare and preserve it. Happy Heart Farm LLP is contracted to grow the vegetable shares. The vision for the program is to purchase vegetable shares from other local Community Supporting Agriculture farms. This will allow families in those neighborhoods to more easily access fresh vegetables. The educational portion of the program engages families in increasing their self reliance and creating wellness.  There are programs for all ages and abilities. Volunteering at the farm provides knowledge and experience on how to grow vegetables, which families can then do at home. Workshops on a variety of topics will be offered for both adults and children.  Creative Cooking will include trying new recipes, seasonal cooking, how to use your vegetable share each week. Preservation Partners includes canning, freezing, dehydrating, root cellaring. More informal learning occurs at the monthly event Taste of Happy Heart where new relationships with food are fostered by tasting dishes made with the vegetable share received that week. This allows people to learn about new vegetables they may never have experienced and how to prepare them. Plans are being made to offer food related topics to children in their schools and provide hands-on activities on farms. Families are stakeholders of the program and spend either 12 hours volunteering for the program including growing the vegetables or fund raising activities or they can pay $50.00 for the season. Testimonial from a family participating in the 2011 Feeding the Families program:"My husband and I have two small children ages 5 and 8.  Tuesday nights have been the best part our week this past summer and the summer previous. Every Tuesday we take the walk down to Happy Heart Farm and are gifted a bounty of deliciousness.  Our kitchen is filled with beautiful, nutritious food and it has been a weekly reminder of the compassionate gift that was given to us.  While pulling ourselves up out of poverty in the midst of working several jobs, attending college full-time and homeschooling our children, Feeding the Families has been a life saver for our family. Our family has numerous food allergies and intolerances which makes feeding us very expensive.  Having fresh, organic veggies like; kale, tomatoes, squash, carrots (kid favorite) to name a few, allowed us to eat and eat healthy. We have not had to make the decision whether we pay for food or electricity.  That allows us a peace of mind and offers the opportunity to focus on our children and their future. The constant of knowing that every week we would have food has allowed us to focus on finding financial stability and contributing to our community in other ways. There is no amount of gratitude that can express how much this weekly share has helped fuel us. Thank you for your very generous gift we look forward to the day where we can repay this and help future families!"

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Friends of Happy Heart Farm
Ft Collins, CO

Providing fresh, local vegetables and education on wellness, farming and food to families in need.

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