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April 1, 2015 @ 8:38 AM
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From Fort Collins Bike Co-Op The Fort Collins Bike Co-Op has bought our first home, but it needs some repairs. We need to raise $50,000 to build before we can move in.

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Where will the money go?
In July 2014, we made a bold and calculated move towards sustainability, buying a permanent location for our organization at 1501 N. College.  Despite due diligence and a commercial inspection, we discovered that the roof on a portion of the available space is not structurally sound and has been deemed unsafe.  We have sufficient operating income to pay our new mortgage and expenses to run the organization, but this unplanned expenditure to replace the roof and structural supports is not feasible without support from the community.  Without this additional space we will be struggling to meet the needs of our community and risk long-term financial health due to reduced income from services. $50,00 is the bare minimum needed to move into into the new space. However, in total, construction costs will total $172,288. This includes an entirely new roof and interior construction. We have $100,000 in cash reserves that we’re able to bring to the table, but that leaves $72,288 that we’ve got to raise.
Where is the Fort Collins Bike Co-Op Moving?
1501 N. College Avenue. The old ReSource Building Supplies location. Don't forget to come visit us once we've moved in.
What does the Bike Co-Op do?
We have a number of bike-related programs to help foster community through bicycling in Northern Colorado. Our Earn-A-Bike program refurbishes bikes and makes them available to low-income folks. EAB recipients donate 20 hours in the local community in exchange for a bike. Our open shop hours allow community members to fix their bike with a trained mechanic for a $10 donation/hour. Our warehouse stores lost/recovered bikes for the City of Fort Collins to help connect owners who have lost or had their bike stolen with their bike. Our Women's Wrenching Night is a bilingual series of six free classes for women looking to learn how to fix their own bike. Our recycling services take bikes that are no longer fit for the road and turn them into 12 tons of recyclable material each year. Our retail shop builds quality bikes that are available as low-cost refurbished bikes. Can you believe that all of this is done with only 4 part-time employees and a heck of a lot of volunteers?!?
What happens if we exceed our CommunityFunded goal?
Like first time home owners, we're kind of beaming over our new place, even though it is a fixer-upper. This means that we're excited to invest in making our new space a professional retail space and an organized mechanic shop. Additional donations will go towards interior construction. We're also looking to increase our bilingual access and will be creating signs in Spanish and English for the new space as well as hiring translators for more of our programs. We've also got our sights set on hiring our first Executive Director in the coming year and donating would make that possible.
I'm confused, The Bike Co-op bought a new property so it shouldn't matter if rent goes up?
With all the development around our current location at 331 N. College we knew our time there would be limited and we would not be able to afford property in the near vicinity.  We started a site search committee 3 years ago because we wanted to secure a property that we could call our own.  Fortunately, we found a "fixer-upper" at 1501 N. College.
As a local business, do you have any marketing/advertising opportunities to sweeten my donation?
Yes! Check out our sponsorship levels for great benefits. Our social media reaches over 1,000 individuals and is growing quickly! Additionally, we have opportunities for in-shop advertising that will reach over 1,000 annual customers in addition to our regular volunteers. You can also offer your in-kind rewards for our campaign by going to the Rewards tab above.

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Fort Collins Bike Co-Op
Fort Collins, CO

Building Community Through Bicycling

  • To keep our community riding, including those who can't afford to buy a bike.
  • To educate our neighbors in all things bike-related including bike maintenance, bicycle education and safety.
  • To keep good bikes out of the landfill and to recycle poorly built or unsafe bikes.
  • To refurbish and donate bicycles for a wide variety of charity events and programs for those in need

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