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From Divine Lineage Support five women learning Intermediate Telugu to unlock ancient solutions for today's problems. We need your help!

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Why Study Telugu

Telugu is necessary to translate priceless knowledge from ancient palm leaf manuscripts of India. Saints throughout the ages dedicated their lives to research the secrets of creation in the depth of their meditations. They wrote their profound discoveries on dried palm leaves. The ancient knowledge contains divine solutions to problems to every aspect of human life and ‘PIN codes’ to unlock the potential hidden in human consciousness. These codes are ‘sacred formulas’ that provide solutions and natural remedies for health, prosperity, success, and happiness in every aspect of life. These formulas provide techniques to heal negative tendencies like unworthiness, selfishness and anger. Practicing this knowledge develops love, compassion and consciousness. The world desperately needs the knowledge contained in these sacred palm leaf manuscripts.

Who We Are

We are volunteers for the non-profit Divine Lineage Healing Center where spiritual practices and knowledge from the palm leaf manuscripts of India are taught to help bring peace and healing in the world. Collectively we studied Telugu on our own for several years until we took a big step forward by studying Beginning Telugu at the University of Wisconsin-Madison last summer. With your help we will study Intermediate Telugu this summer.

Hear why we are so inspired to learn the sacred language of Telugu. Watch our video messages below.

Trilia Chen, MA
Transpersonal Ecopsychologist and Recovery Cafe Volunteer Meditation Teacher
Bellevue, WA
Years Studying Telugu: 4

Kimberly Naujock-Hargrove, EdD
Full Time Volunteer Staff, Teacher and Healer, Divine Lineage
Knoxville, TN
Years Studying Telugu: 3

Isa Thompson
Undergraduate Student, University of Washington
Major: South Asian Languages and Literature
Seattle, WA
Years Studying Telugu: 1

Candice Stein, BA
Full Time Volunteer Staff, Divine Lineage Healing Center
Laytonville, CA
Years Studying Telugu: 6

Alexandra Song, BA
Full Time Volunteer Staff, Divine Lineage Healing Center
Laytonville, CA
Years Studying Telugu: 2

What We've Done Already

Our dedication to learn the Telugu language last year brought new life to the South Asian Summer Language Institute (SASLI) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It was the first institution in the US to offer Telugu language studies. Today it is one of the most distinguished South Asian Language Institutes in the world. Our university-level study of the Telugu language is not only necessary to learn the language, it also brings academic legitimacy and integrity to the ancient knowledge we will share with the world.

Last year we raised over $25,000 through a crowdfunded campaign to send four students to SASLI. As a result of our effort, three more students of the ancient knowledge along with three others joined our class. Together, last summer the five of us successfully completed one academic year of Beginning Telugu language studies. We also developed valuable relationships with scholars and students in the South Asian language academic community.

Since last year we have continued developing these relationships and learning Telugu through independent and online study. This experience has proven that an intensive course at SASLI is a highly successful and effective way to learn this sacred language in a short period of time.

Why We Need Your Help Now

We are all long-time students of the palm leaf knowledge. We live simple lives committed to working on behalf of others. Without your help, the cost of this program is prohibitive for us as individuals and as a non-profit.

This year our 8-week Intensive Intermediate Telugu runs from June 13 - August 5, 2016. The total cost per person is $6,800 (please see the Budget Tab directly above 'Why Study Telugu').

All donations to our campaign will pay for tuition, travel, food and housing.

The Ancient Knowledge

The immortal knowledge the saints received and wrote on the palm leaf manuscripts has been passed down from teacher to student for thousands of years. Until recently this knowledge was known by very few people. Now it can be available to everyone. Sri Kaleshwar of Penukonda, India (b.1973 - d.2012) is a modern saint whose life mission was to share this ancient knowledge with the world, to make it available and accessible for everyone. This information belongs to humanity and has been practiced by the divine lineage of masters that includes Jesus, Mother Mary, Shirdi Baba, Buddha, Ramakrishna Parmahamsa, Ramana Maharishi, and others.

Every person needs access to this ancient spiritual knowledge, because this information is necessary to bring humanity into an age of hope, compassion, and love.

"My real dream is when you’re able to read Telugu to know what’s inside the palm leaf books...On the day the maharshis and saints sacrificed their souls, completely dedicated to the nature and to the Father and Mother. They researched and discovered something and put it in the (palm leaf) books…Please try to hire top Telugu/Sanskrit professors, take the time, learn and translate the knowledge, release that quite amazing information to the globe."
~ Sri Kaleshwar

How You Can Help

We have been accepted to this year's SASLI Intermediate Telugu Intensive. Classes start June 13th. All we need now is your help.

  • Donate Today: We can't do it without you! Your support is crucial for our success and for making this dharmic dream a reality. Every donation makes a difference.
  • Spread the Word: Tell others about this campaign and ancient knowledge. Tell your family, friends, and colleagues that you support this effort. Like and share the campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and all of your favorite social media (this is easy with the buttons at the top of this page).
  • Stay Connected to Telugu and the Ancient Knowledge: The month of May is Divine Lineage's 'Telugu Celebration Month.' Join us on-line for live webcasts, teachings, Telugu songs, and more. It will be fun and free! Receive all of the details directly to your in-box by subscribing to the Divine Lineage Healing Center's e-newsletter HERE.

Your donation matters! Please be as generous as you can. Thank you!

Your donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Divine Assistants International (dba Divine Lineage) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt organization and a 509(a)(I) and 170 (b)(l)(A)(i) church and public charity.

Campaign Rewards

Dharma Level

Divine Lineage Mug
Receive a beautiful ceramic mug featuring a picture of the saint Shirdi Baba and the Divine Lineage Healing Center’s Logo.

2/unlimited claimed
Estimated Delivery: 3 Weeks after reward claim
Knowledge Level

Books on the Ancient Knowledge
Receive these books of priceless information about the ancient knowledge revealed by Sri Kaleshwar, and the teachings of Shridi Baba:

*Kaleshwar Vol 1 by Monika Penukonda
*Sri Sai Satcharitra: The Wonderful Life and Teachings of Shirdi Baba E-Book by Hemadpant, edited by Monika Penukonda (E-Book)

*Victory Through Vaastu by Sri Kaleshwar (Softcover)

1/0 claimed
Estimated Delivery: 2 Weeks after reward claim
Power Object Level

Loose Gemstone Power Object
Power objects help you maintain high positive energy and provide protection. Receive one beautiful gemstone charged by Sri Kaleshwar during his lifetime. These gems are suitable for mounting on jewelry.

4/0 claimed
Estimated Delivery: 3 Weeks after campaign end
Copper Yantra Level

Copper Personalized Yantra with Special Puja
Healing vibrations flow strongly from a charged yantra, continually uplifting and protecting you in your home or business. Yantras from the palm leaf manuscripts are soul diagrams with the highest divine energy. They work powerfully on all of your chakras in your body and, most importantly, your soul. Receive one of these personalized yantras:

*Womb Chakra Yantra
*Sudarshana Yantra
*Sri Chakra Yantra

0/1 claimed
Estimated Delivery: 4 Weeks after reward claim
Silver Yantra Level

Silver Personalized Yantra with Special Puja.

Healing vibrations flow strongly from a charged yantra, continually uplifting and protecting you in your home or business. Silver intensifies the power and vibrations of these sacred yantras. Yantras from the palm leaf manuscripts are soul diagrams with the highest divine energy. They work powerfully on all of your chakras in your body and, most importantly, your soul. Receive one of these personalized yantras:

*Womb Chakra Yantra
*Sudarshana Yantra
*Sri Chakra Yantra

0/0 claimed
Estimated Delivery: 4 Weeks after reward claim
Gold Level

In-Person Vaastu Consultation with Monika and Nityaananda
Vaastu provides solutions for problems in all aspects of our lives. Vaastu is the ancient science of architecture that teaches how to live in harmony with Nature and how to influence Nature so that it works for your benefit. It is called Indian Feng Shui. Some Vaastu solutions support healing from physical disease, heartbreak, and depression. Receive an in-person Vaastu consultation at your home, business, or property with Monika and Nityaananda, certified Vaastu consultants. (expenses not included)

0/1 claimed

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Divine Lineage
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Promoting the highest spiritual values of love, compassion, service and religious unity.

The Divine Lineage Healing Center is a non-profit healing and meditation retreat center where the spiritual practices from the ancient palm leaf manuscripts of India are implemented to create peace and healing in the world. The timeless formulas from the ancient knowledge reveal the secrets to improving and elevating every aspect of human life: creating happiness, prosperity, loving relationships, conscious pregnancy and parenting, healing the body, mind and soul at the deepest level, and ultimately becoming a ‘soul healer’ for humanity like Jesus, Buddha or Shirdi Baba.

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