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January 18, 2014
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From Liberty Theatre Help us save the Liberty Theatre! We're working to raise the funds to upgrade to digital projection equipment to keep the Liberty open.

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Since 1919 the Liberty Theatre has operated in the community of Pagosa Springs. We purchased the theatre in 2005 and have owned it ever since. Over the past nine years we have sought to preserve an important piece of the community's cinematic history. Now, we find ourselves at a crossroads – and we need your help. Simply put, without your support, after nearly a century of service to the Pagosa community, we will be forced to close the doors of the Liberty Theatre for good. 
For nearly a century, the words movie and film have been interchangable. This is no longer the case. By the end of this year, all Hollywood releases will be only offered digitally, rendering the 35mm projection equipment that the Liberty still uses obsolete.  To make it financially feasible for the Liberty Theatre to remain open, we must convert its equipment from film to digital. Sound easy? It's actually quite expensive. Upgrading to digital projection equipment for the Liberty Theatre will cost more than $70,000. That amount will cover the cost of the new digital projector, the necessary sound system upgrades and installation charges. This is an enormous financial burden for a small independent theatre, which is why we need your help, Pagosa.
Earlier this year, Downtown Colorando Inc. (DCI) laid out a plan to help theatre's state-wide raise funds to "Save Our Screens." Through the same generous efforts of DCI, the Liberty Theatre has been awarded a grant to help upgrade equipment and keep the theatre open. Between that grant money and our own contributions we have raised $30,000 towards the $70, 000 needed. The grant is only available for 30 days and will not be issued unless we raise the the total amount necessary to upgrade the Liberty's equipment. 
Any amount, no matter how small, will help us raise our goal and with your help, the Liberty Theatre can continue to be a vital part of the downtown Pagosa community for many years to come.  However, if we are unable to raise the needed funds to upgrade the theatre by January 15, 2014 the Liberty will close its doors forever. Thank you in advance for your consideration in supporting and donating to our community theatre.
If you are unable to donate today, please know that you can help by spreading the word about the Liberty! Share this page with family and friends, colleagues and neighbors! Post it to Facebook and Twitter, and encourage others to do the same. Our fundraising campaign to save the Liberty can only be as successful as we are in getting the word out! 
Thank you for helping to save the Liberty Theatre!

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