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March 15, 2018 @ 7:19 PM
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From CU Sailing We are raising money to purchase a new safety boat for the CU Boulder Sailing Club.

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We are the University of Colorado Sailing Club and STILL the only college sailing team in Colorado. Last year, we travelled to five regattas and hosted our own “Rocky Mountain Saildown” with the fleet the community’s support, your support, helped us buy.

We want to improve our safety on the water and our efficiency at practices to make make our team the best in the South Eastern Intercollegiate Sailing Association(SEISA). Our sailors need a chase boat, with the proper engine, to oversee practices and home regattas. In the case of high winds, no winds, or adverse conditions, we need a way to bring our sailors in quickly and efficiently.

Without a motorboat, our ability to run safe practices is compromised. Weather changes in Colorado can happen quickly, and unexpectedly. Without a chase boat, in heavy wind, a capsized boat will leave sailors in the water for way too long. We are also limited in our ability to host regattas because renting a motorboat costs a significant amount that will add up over time. Our skills practices are also hurt without the ability to simulate a starting line and on the water coaching.

This spring, were are looking to raise $4,000 to purchase our new chase boat. Any donation, or support goes a long way. Help us spread the word to let everyone know, and together, we’ll Get CU Sailing Safety Boating!

The $4,000 goal is not our only need for this spring season. With our growing number of sailors, we are looking for other ways to speed operation of our team at practices and regattas. Other needs for our members are new dollies and sails, as well as the registration and storage of our new chase boat. These stretch goals are where the team will put any money raised past our initial $4,000 target, with the final amount reaching almost $10,000. This is still far less than what we looked for last year, and we are confident that the community around our team will be able to reach that and be set for the next four year of sailors!

How You Can Help

  1. Spread the word on social media and share this campaign with your friends and family so that we can reach our goal!
  2. Credit Card: donations via credit card can be made on this campaign page website. Contact Mia Fill, Crowdfunding Coordinator, with questions:
  3. Check/Cash: to donate via mailed check, please list Appeal Code: FB0123 on checks made payable to the University of Colorado Foundation OR the CU Foundation. Mail check to University of Colorado Foundation, P.O. Box 17126, Denver, CO 80217

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Personal Letter and Stickers

To thank you for your gift, we will send you a personal thank you letter and an exclusive CU Sailing Club sticker!

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Name a 420 Boat

To thank you for your gift, we will name one of our 420 boats after you or a name of your choice!

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To thank you for funding our new chase boat, we will name it after you or a name of your choice!

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