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July 18, 2012
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From Ciclismo Youth Foundation Create a "Bike Library" for local youth who need access to a safe, reliable, competition-quality bicycle.

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The Ciclismo Youth Foundation, 501(c)(3) (CYF) wishes to create a "Bike Library" for local youth who need access to a safe, reliable, competition-quality bicycle. CYF is a local non-profit foundation and our mission is to create and promote opportunities to get kids on bikes in our community. CYF currently hosts 13 local weekday races (where all kids 18 and under race for free). We host a "Summer Program" (where kids of all ages learn competetive riding skills, nutrition strategies and build character). We also support local high school student-athletes who compete in the Colorado High School Cycling League ( Our next goal is to create a sustainable Bike Library Program to support local youth riders at our events and in our programs. ** We have an anonymous donor who is going to match all funds we raise on Community Funded up to $5,000 so you can watch your impact double. Need for Project: Many of the youth in our programs do not have access to a bicycle that is properly maintained, safe to ride and/or worthy of competitive racing.  Whether the youth have financial reasons for not being able to adequately maintain a working bicycle, a lack of knowledge, or a combination of factors, it has become clear to the CYF board members that maintaining our own fleet of race-worthy bicycles would enable our youth to always have properly working, safe bicycles on which to practice and compete. In years past, Ciclismo Youth Foundation has provided youth in need with board members’ personal bicycles. We have also spent a lot of personal time and resources helping youth upgrade and maintain old bikes that have fallen into disrepair. We believe many of these problems could easily be solved if we maintained our own fleet of bicycles for our youth programs. Most importantly, once funded, we believe we can structure this program to be sustainable for the future. Project Design: The CYF Bike Library program will initially be funded through private donations and grantors.  Through bicycle industry relationships, CYF has the ability to purchase new bicycles at significant discounts. Once we have a fleet of bicycles, we’ll be able to loan the bikes to youth riders at our events and during our programs. Each bike will come with a signed loan agreement. Among the stipulations in the contract, the rider must bring the bike back for scheduled inspections and maintenance to be performed with the assistance of the youth rider. We believe this will help each rider learn the importance of regular maintenance and develop skills and knowledge to be more self-sufficient. To maintain the program, we plan to offer our bikes for sale at the end of the season (to our youth or the general public) at a price slightly higher than what we paid for them. This would enable us to purchase a complete replacement set of bicycles, as well as add funds for operational expenses (replacement parts, tools, etc.). The nature and structure of this program will enable CYF to better and more safely fulfill our mission while not burdening the long-term financial resources of the Foundation or our supporters.  

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The Ciclismo Youth Foundation, 501 (c)(3) is a local non-profit foundation dedicated to getting kids on bikes in our community. view profile

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