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From Charly Clifford We need help to expand into a new facility. Help us produce more bars to keep kids healthy when we donate 1% of profits to this cause!

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Video Update:  WE DID IT!!!

Video Update:  One week left!

What is IT?

CharlyBar is a handmade, gourmet, nutritional bar, made in Fort Collins, CO.  We use only the highest quality ingredients, with nothing processed and no preservatives. We do not use cheap fillers or sweeteners like rice crisps or corn syrup. The main goals of CharlyBar is to be a provider of truly healthy foods at a price that is reachable for everyone, promote youth health and wellness with the CharlyBar Fund and provide a fun and healthy work environment.

Why IT's important?

For me, this project is like moving out of my parents basement and out on my own.  CharlyBar is doing great, but I do not have access to the capital needed to expand my business, so this Community Funded project could provide the opportunity to find the resources that I need. I have been developing the CharlyBar concept for about three years now and I feel I am ready to take the leap and offer my product to a broader market. The Mountain West States are full of active people and is a great place to grow an energy bar company. My goal is to expand my kitchen and purchase better equipment to meet the greater demand.

The Project

Currently I am in a very undersized commercial kitchen.  My limited output capacity forces me to work other jobs to afford the regular bills. This expansion would make it viable to work on CharlyBars full time. I could pour all of my passion into what I love and grow a brand that is good for people!

What I promise?

  • I promise, that if I can Community Fund my Project, CharlyBar will be able to secure a new production space and purchase the necessary equipment needed to take the company to the next level as a regional competitor
  • I promise to fulfill all Giftbacks for pledges.
  • I promise to always try and make this world a better place.
I am extremely confident that if provided with the physical tools for success, we can make this happen.  I have involved myself in small business start up and development in one form or another for the past 10 years. I feel confident in my business savvy and my peer support, and know that your pledge will be put to work on a path for success. My project's funding goal represents the minimum of what is needed.  Anything beyond that will only help to make bigger and better improvments at CharlyBar! Please help CharlyBar give back to our community.  With job creation, health promotion, philanthropic contribution. Ask questions or make comments on my Feedback Tab on this page.  Also click the Facebook button above and be sure to "like" me! Thank you for taking the time to learn about my project! -Charly
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Charly Clifford
Fort Colins, CO

CharlyBar is a handmade, gourmet nutritional bar via Ft Collins, CO. We use the highest quality ingredients with nothing processed and no preservatives. We foster healthy, active lifestyles for youths with 1% of our profits though the CharlyBar Fund.

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