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From Bob Komives Help artist Gale Whitman & poet Bob Komives craft "Good Day," an art book & outreach celebrating life where plain joins mountain

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Your support enables us to publish an art book and contribute to the communities that inspire us.

We began our Good Day project as artists exploring how poetry and painting can enhance each other. In realizing this enhancement we have discovered two underlying, closely related themes in our joint work: Optimism as seasoned by challenge and hardship, Community as experienced in our lives among our neighbors at the union of plains and mountains. This discovery has led to the three immediate Good-Day project goals with which we seek your support: 1. To design and publish the first printing of a small, high-quality art book that celebrates the union of poetry with art; 2. To contribute at least 20 of these Good-Day books to schools and libraries in and near Fort Collins, Colorado and Kimball, Nebraska; 3. To share our work in person through gallery shows, public readings and in-school workshops. We have already experienced how a poem can inspire a new painting, how a painting can inspire new poetry; and how existing works enhance each other when we bring them together. We ask your support in sharing these discoveries with you and with others. About Us. Gale Whitman grew up on a farm in western Nebraska. She always wanted to be an artist, though in school she focused her studies on science. After high school, she spent a year in Turkey as an exchange student. She earned a BA in biology from Hastings College, and an MS in medical illustration from Colorado State University. She worked as a medical illustrator (both freelance and salaried) for 10 years in Fort Collins, during which time she married her swing dancing partner, Dr. Doug Whitman. In 2008, Gale joined the Poudre Studio Artists and began renting a studio in the Art Center of Fort Collins. She moved to her current studio north of Fort Collins in February 2014. Gale enjoys painting with acrylics, drawing inspiration from nature and the human spirit, 'up-cycling' products she discovers in thrift shops, and being an Art in Public Places spokesperson. She and her husband still love to dance, take their children camping, and generally enjoy all the riches that Fort Collins has to offer. Bob Komives ponders spaces composed and inhabited by nature and humans. He finds a faint road through a vast field he knows to be frequented by genius, fool, and charlatan. Pencil at ready, he adventures the road. Words and a few sketches are journals of exploration. Bob's poetry and life vary in form, tone, and rhythm: serious to silly, personal to theoretical, accepting to judging. In second grade Bob set out to become an architect. True to this goal until, after two years with Peace Corps in rural Guatemala and another helping neighborhoods in Little Rock, he took his graduate studies and career into Land-use planning. As a side endeavor he spent several years searching for and writing about connections between economic theory and natural science. The latest version can be found on the internet as "Komivesian Economics" and sprinkled through his poetry. In the 1990s through the turn of the century, Bob transitioned from backpacking to bicycle touring; explored Hungary, its language and his grandparents' people; returned often to Central America and the Spanish language; played with his home and landscape; and wandered the evolving streets of Old Town Fort Collins. Today, he continues the adventures and continues to let them inspire his poems.

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Bob Komives
Fort Collins, CO

Poet Bob Komives & visual artist Gale Whitman co-inspire.

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