The Search for El Dorado

abbasaraba in Fort Collins, CO
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September 16, 2013
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From Alex An expedition into a remote and isolated region of the Peruvian Amazon to search for the legendary remains of "El Dorado."

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Who We Are: My name is Alex Basaraba and I am 25 years old from Fort Collins, CO. I am a graduate from Colorado State University with study in Biology and Music, and I am always continuing my pursuit of adventure, exploration and personal growth. In September 2013, the "Rivers Ran East" team of six explorers will set off on an expedition into a remote region of the Peruvian Amazon by boat in order to search for the remains of the lost city of "El Dorado." They will retrace the journey of Leonard Clark, known as one of the "greatest of all Twentieth Century Explorers,'" to where they believe lie the foundations of a legendary city that has been sought after for centuries. This international team of professionals brings over twenty years of experience in the jungles of Peru and South America. Team members consist of a geologist, archaeologist, a nurse, an environmental educator (several of whom hold Wilderness First Responder Medical certifications) and all of whom are well-traveled and adventurous individuals. I have recently been invited to join them on this expedition. In addition to extensive solo world travel experience (Central and Southeast Asia, New Zealand etc..), the passion and qualifications for exploration, I bring a special family connection. I am a direct descendent of Leonard Clark. What We Believe: My passion lies in travel, culture, adventure and learning. This opportunity provides me with a once in a lifetime chance to join a qualified team of explorers into a journey of incredible significance. We believe that Leonard Clark discovered two of these lost locations of El Dorado (San Fransisco de Las Montanas, and Juan de Bracamores) and no organized expedition has been back to confirm his discoveries. The value of the archaeological and anthropological data that we intend to collect will have significant academic, historic and personal value. In addition, there are few places in the world that hold such a rich, tragic, and legendary yet undocumented history. We aim to respectfully reach these remote regions using local guides and translators without threatening the Aguarunas peoples’ valuable resources. We seek to build relationships and make connections with these communities in order to help reinforce how valuable the Amazon ecosystem and its cultures are to health of our globe. Indigenous people have for centuries contended that the Amazon represents the worlds’ living and breathing “lungs,” and it must be protected. What We Are Doing: The purpose of this expedition is to collect archaeological and anthropological data while at the same time paying tribute to the indigenous Aguaruna communities and their natural resources. Our specialized team has acquired comprehensive satellite images of the area and have extensively plotted our course to the exact locations we believe Clark explored. Additionally, we have gained the support from the headmen of three separate tribal communities, ten to twelve Aguarunas guides, two Peruvian translators and guides, and approval by the commandant of the Pinglo military base. Extensive pre-trip preparation is ongoing to assure that all details are considered. This journey will allow the world a glimpse into a legend that has been portrayed for many years as the "Lost City of Gold," and will allow us to uncover some of its secrets. What We Need: The logistics and organization required for reaching such an isolated and remote part of the Amazon is expensive. The cost of $4000.00 (per person) includes all interior flights (from Lima -Tarapoto and Tarapoto-Lima), busses (Tarapoto- Bagua Grande-Imacita), boat hire (5 days total), fuel, Peruvian guides/translators, Aguaruna guides, lodging, food, supplies and vaccinations. The additional cost of $1000.00 is a conservative estimate of the flight to Lima from Denver. This will continue to increase as the expedition nears. I will say, any small donation still helps me reach my goal, so only assist in whatever way you feel comfortable! If I reach my goal of $5000.00, additional support will help to provide for a lens upgrade ($400-800) for my Canon SLR camera and additionally, a computer ($800-1500) capable of managing the photographs I will be documenting. How You Can Support Us: My ability to attend this expedition and bring a very important personal element to our team comes down to love and support from my community. I wouldn't be able to do this without you! I ask for your support in the following ways... 1) Donate to my project (any amount you feel comfortable!) 2) Inform all of your friends/family about this journey 3) Donate camera/computer equipment necessary for documentation