Between the Seams: Deconstructing Fairy Tale Fashion

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From Will Haugen Your gift supports the 2019 Student Design Showcase at WAM

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As you read this note, University of Minnesota apparel design students are hard at work, crafting eighteen one-of-a-kind garments inspired by fairy tale iconography. Over the course of the spring semester, these students have been studying the visual language presented in the exhibition The Wonderful World Before Disney. On April 17, the students will be presenting their final designs at Between the Seams, the eighth-annual Student Design Showcase. This ongoing collaboration would not be possible without a unique collaboration between the Weisman Art Museum’s WAM Collective, the UMN College of Design, the UMN Lighting and Theatre Department, and Juut Salon Spa.

"The WAM design event is one of the favorite shows that we support. We love working with all the inspired new talent in the world of design. These designers bring their creative ideas and inspire our Juut artists to match the creative energy and compliment the design with hair and make up.
For us, it’s a day filled with passion, creativity, and love." – Andi Tarte, Vice President Salons, Juut Salon Spa

Design Showcase 2018

From the garments to the runway lighting to the event planning, all aspects are directed by students, reflecting how UMN students shape WAM’s programming. Boundaries between artistic and academic inquiry are crossed, as the confines of the classroom are expanded to include WAM’s galleries. And through the process, participating students learn how to turn ideas and research into tangible, fiercely creative products.

For most students, the Design Showcase is the first opportunity they have to present their work publicly. Learning to manage a tight timeline, interpreting artwork into a garmet, and managing a showcase runway, all prepares them for their senior collection that will help launch their careers in design.

Your gift today helps bring their ideas to life and supports the type of multidisciplinary, deeply enriching collaborations that have been a staple of WAM’s 85-year history.

As an added incentive, the first $____ we raise will be matched by a generous donor, ensuring that we can both keep attendance free to students for a seventh-straight year and maintain the program’s longevity for years to come.

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