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From CoCoRaHS Your gifts support CoCoRaHS activities such as educational programs, outreach, supplies, data management, and Web development work. Please consider making a $10 donation today and help us raise $100,000 by Jan. 6

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Our Annual Year-End Fundraiser. Please consider making a $10 donation to the network today.

As the end of 2018 approaches, it's time for our annual CoCoRaHS year-end fundraiser. This is a very important event that many of you continue to play a vital role in, and we thank all of you who have given to it in the past.

Even more important, we wish to thank each and every one of you who, equipped with a rain gauge, take the time and effort each day to measure precipitation that may have fallen at your location. Often this time of year the weather outside is not fit for man, nor beast, yet you diligently continue to take observations. We have an amazing group of folks from coast to coast, from the Canadian border to the Rio Grande. You are what makes CoCoRaHS the premier precipitation network that it is today. We appreciate you!

During the year, we are asked the question, "How can I help the network financially, in addition to taking rain and snowfall measurements?” Donating to these fundraising campaigns is a great way of doing this. Over the years, we've run our traditional "Five for CoCoRaHS" fundraisers and have greatly appreciated your support. This year, due to constraints beyond our control, the minimum donation amount has been raised to $10. Thus the “Ten for CoCoRaHS” title this year. We hope that you will understand and still consider donating. As we have said in the past, each and every one of your gifts, no matter the size, adds up quickly and goes a long way to keeping the project operating throughout the year.

As in past years, we have a special gift available to all who make a donation of $55 or more. This year, it’s our new CoCoRaHS Blizzard T-shirt. They're really sharp and will look great on you or a member of your family. A long-sleeved shirt is available for a donation of $100 or more. The shirts will be mailed out in February.

If you have a moment, please view our year-end fundraiser video.

Contributions to CoCoRaHS may be deductible as charitable contributions within the limits of the Internal Revenue Code. Please consult with your tax professional.

You may print a form to complete and mail in by clicking here.

Please note that all donations received will go directly to the support of the CoCoRaHS Network and its sustainability. No funds received will go to NOAA's National Weather Service, which is a great advocate of CoCoRaHS.

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Fort Collins, CO

CoCoRaHS officially began on June 17, 1998. With a few observers along Colorado's Front Range, we had no idea that the network would become what it is today, with more than 20,000 active observers in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Bahamas. A truly remarkable effort by all of you. Thank you for your precipitation observations over the years. You are an amazing team of citizen-scientists!

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