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From The Nittany Lion Club Bon Voyage to SPAIN! NOTE: This gift is 100% charitable and will not be eligible for Nittany Lion Club benefits. A separate annual gift to the Nittany Lion Club/Levi Lamb fund would still need to be made as it specifically relates to contributions required for tickets, parking and giving level benefits.

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International Travel:
Women’s Basketball To Visit Spain
in August 2018

Penn State would simply not be the University it is without Intercollegiate Athletics. Our proud tradition of fielding remarkable individuals and teams in competition is legendary. Penn State’s athletic programs bring students, alumni, and other fans together for entertainment and fellowship, and play an important role in student-athletes’ development, nurturing well-rounded graduates with the ability to balance academics and athletics to achieve good health and a solid education.

In most of our athletes’ careers, every two or four years, we schedule a travel-abroad opportunity for their team that allows them to visit a foreign country and compete against local teams. For example, the men’s baseball team traveled to Cuba last year, the football team competed in Ireland in 2014, and the women’s basketball team has visited countries in Europe in previous years. This gives student-athletes a unique cultural experience, with many of the benefits of a more traditional study-abroad opportunity, but with the added experience of traveling as a team and competing against their peers from another country. Because they are so valuable, these international competition trips are also excellent recruiting tools for prospective students.

Most recently, our team traveled to France and Italy in 2012. Nikki Greene remembers how awe-struck she was by the many artistic and architectural wonders that she saw—visiting the Louvre, walking through the historic Roman Colosseum, and marveling at Michelangelo’s work in the Vatican gave her an opportunity to see in person things she had only studied in books. Maggie Lucas recalls how she could imagine herself playing overseas after visiting those countries knowing now that she would be able to adapt. Since graduating, Maggie, Nikki, Alex Bentley, Tori Waldner, and Ariel Edwards are just a few of the Lady Lion players who have found professional success both overseas and in the WNBA. The European trip we took as a team gave each of them extreme confidence to travel to unfamiliar places and know that they could not only survive, but thrive. It truly was a spectacular gift we gave to these young women and one we could not have provided on our campus here in State College—or without the help of our generous supporters.

Team budgets do not allocate any funding for these trips, so coaches, students, and students’ families must go to great efforts to raise the necessary funds, which can be as high as $200,000 per trip. A significant gift to help us to reach this goal would be incredibly beneficial to our international travel efforts. Your support would help to ensure that students would have these potentially life-changing travel opportunities regardless of the costs that might stand in their way.

Help to provide Lady Lion Basketball student-athletes with a cultural experience of a lifetime!

Note: Your gift is 100% charitable; you will be sent an official gift receipt from the University for your personal use for tax purposes. This gift is not eligible for NLC Benefits.