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From Peter Oakley A family of feral cats with four orange kittens has taken up residence in our backyard.

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Over the years my wife and I have cared for a variety of stray cats, and we now have three elderly felines that have been great pets for years. 

The recent arrival of a family of cats and kittens in our backyard poses a dilemma. We cannot take in more cats, and we do not want to let a wild population of cats continue to breed in our neighborhood. At the same time, we know the likely outcome for cats that go to the Humane Society in Bristol -- 71% of them are euthanized (humanely killed) within 10 days. 


This crowdfunding campaign seeks to raise awareness about the wild cat population in Goshen by generating funds for spay/neuter operations. Our plan is to catch, fix, and release at least the adult male and female cats. The family consists of a black feral male tom cat, a beautiful tortoiseshell female (tame, abandoned), and a litter of four adorable orange kittens (wild, could potentially be tamed and taken in.)

The tom cat would be very tricky to catch. The mama cat would be fairly easy. The kittens are wary and quick. They ought to all be fixed, whether adopted or not. The mama and kittens could become indoor cats if you are so inclined. Any money we are able to raise beyond the $200 goal will help to get all these cats fixed and vaccinated.

Would you consider providing a home for one or more of these cats? Do you know someone who might like to raise an orange kitty? Have you always wanted to own a "tortie?" Will you please contribute to the veterinary procedures to get these cats fixed? Any amount would be appreciated, and we'd like to hear any advice and opinions you may have about this project. (Use the COMMENTS tab, above.) We'd like to make this project a place for others to share their own stories about wild cats in the neighborhood -- is it a problem where you live? Are there other alternatives to catch and release? Or is the Humane Society a better solution?

Also please consider offering a REWARD to help entice more neighbors and friends to donate to this campaign.

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Peter Oakley
Goshen, IN

Pete & Patricia Oakley live in Goshen, operate home-based businesses, and enjoy the company of three elderly cats.

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