The Community Funded My5 (old)



As a bonus, Community Funded will be pledging prize money to the top five most endorsed projects:

1st place: $2,000

2nd place: $1,250

3rd place: $750

4th & 5th place: $500

*The five projects with the most endorsements will receive a pledge from Community Funded on August 15, 2013 when all eligible My5 projects begin fundraising.

Anyone can do it

You + Your Community = Funding for Your Idea

If you can dream it, Community Funded can help make it happen. The My5 Campaign is your chance to pursue your ideas with the power of your community behind you. Whether you are an individual, a business, a non-profit organization, or anyone else… we will provide the platform and the playbook to help make your project successful. Unleash your creativity… anything is possible!

Make it happen:



Start it!

My5 Contest Official Rules:

All My5 Projects are governed by Community Funded’s Terms of Service. All My5 Projects are Community Funded Projects with a Funding Goal of $5,000 and are of the “All-Or-Nothing” (threshold) Funding Model. All-Or-Nothing projects must reach their funding goal before the project ends in order to receive funding. If the funding goal is not reached, no money is collected from supporters and no fees are assessed. Successful projects will receive their funding within 7 business days of the project end date. Community Funded charges a 5% fee for successful All-Or-Nothing projects. PayPal fees apply.

Winners of the My5 Contest will be announced on Aug 15, 2013. Winners are determined based on the total number of endorsements collected. My5 Prize Money is pledged toward project funding totals. My5 Projects are of the “All-Or-Nothing” project type and must reach their funding goal before their end date in order to receive funding (including prize money pledges.)


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