Make a Matching Donation


What is a Matching Donation?

When you make a Matching Donation, the amount you are offering ($500 or more) is featured on the Project Page under the title “MATCHED FUNDING.” (See image at right)

When someone makes a donation or pledge of any amount to the Project, an equal amount is subtracted from the Matching Amount and added to the project’s total. This continues until the full Matching Donation amount is added to the project.

Making a Matching Donation is a unique way to support a project that empowers smaller donors and provides interim funding goals for projects. Setting these types of matching goals allows projects to keep their community of supporters engaged throughout the life of the project.

What are the benefits of Making a Matching Donation?

In addition to the great benefits for the project itself, Matching Donations provide an organization with an unique opportunity for fusing their marketing and philanthropy dollars. When you make a Matching Donation, your organization’s brand is prominently displayed on the Project’s page in 3 locations: In the MATCHED FUNDING panel (see image at right), at the TOP of the Supporters Listings for the project, and most importantly, as a PROJECT HERO (See image at right); a place of honor reserved for organizations and individuals who donate $500 or more.

How do I make a Matching Donation?

Making a Matching Donation is as easy as filling out the form below.
Start by selecting the project that you wish to support. Next, fill out your billing and credit card information. Finally enter the amount ($500 or more) you wish to offer the project as Matching Donation.

Matching Donations are actual Donations and the full amount of your Matching Donation will be charged to your card when your payment is processed.