About Community Funded

 Anything’s possible when it is Community Funded.

Our vision is a world empowered by connected communities. To realize this vision we created CommunityFunded.com, a tool that connects communities and resources in extraordinary new ways. CF (Community Funded) allows individuals and organizations to share ideas with their local, online and extended communities; and to attract the resources and funding needed to turn these ideas into reality.

CF aims to engage and inspire an ever-growing community of individuals and organizations to come together and use our collective resources to support the things we love, find solutions to the problems we don’t, and re-energize our lives and communities. It’s time to dream big, because together we are.


The Power of Mega Community Collaboration (MC²)

MC² happens when motivated groups of individuals and organizations focus on common goals to maximize their community’s resources. Modern technology allows for the connection of many diverse communities to form The Community – which possesses all the resources and funds needed to make incredible things happen. Community Funded will transform this potential into energy through the power of MC² .


You can find updates and more information about our progress by visiting The Community Funded Project

We invite you to explore all the exciting possibilities Community Funded provides. You can personalize your presence on Community Funded in the MyCF section by sharing your story, tracking your favorites and managing your own projects, transactions and giftbacks. You can get to your MyCF by clicking the MyCF option in the top-right user menu at the top of any page.

Most importantly, you can Explore the amazing projects in your community and pledge to support the people and ideas you care about!

If you have a concept you’d like to get community funded, you can begin the process by Submitting Your Idea.

Feel free to Contact Us by clicking the paper airplane link at the top of the page or by emailing info@communityfunded.com. Thank you for your support, and please help us spread the word about Community Funded to your communities!